So lets see if this is short…

Another Friday and time to post another blog. First of all, Mhari and I are doing okay, though Mhari’s going a little bonkers from the Pre-Further Confusion 2009 activity she has to deal with. Lots of last minute pre-registration things and other administrivia. I am also in my pre-con blitz. It my case it’s for the dealer room. Dealing with last minute cancellations and getting in contact with people from the waiting list to fill the openings. Things like that.

In the MMO worlds we took ‘Thrilling Adventures’ out for a spin on City of Heroes on Mon and Wed and did Numnia’s Taskforce. It was fun, and it’s good to see a team that doesn’t get all flustered and bent out of shape by getting defeated. We just rez and move along when a member of the team goes down. At level 40 a number of us have self-rez powers and had to make good use of them. Otherwise our healer, Jandre, took care of getting them back into the action or an ‘awaken’ inspiration was put to good use. In general the task force went quite well.

Wednesday when we were done with the task force we kept playing (after some selling, leveling up and doing the level 40 Founder’s Falls costume mission) and added Mr. Adventure to the group. Then we did a door mission or two before calling it a night. I think we did good. Not quite sure if on Monday we will be doing Thrilling Adventures or Delta Squad. I still can’t decide. But the team has left the decision up to me as they all reported back ‘No Preference’ or ‘Abstain’. *sigh*. Guess that is why I am ‘leader’ of the team. I still wish one or more of the team would be a little assertive from time to time as to which missions they would rather do. Oh, well. I’ll do the missions I want to do.

All I have to do now is decide which character I would rather be playing… the Blaster or the Warshade… they are both a blast to play. And either would be fun to get to level 50. In some ways the Warshade would be better to ‘push’ with as getting a Keldian to level 50 is quite a accomplishment. And it’s possible at some point that they (the designers) will add a epic archtype that only unlocks by getting a Keldian to level 50. Would that be a Epic Epic Archtype?

At present I have gotten a Tanker, Defender and Mastermind to Level 50. That leaves Warshade, Peacebringer, Controller, Blaster and Scrapper on the Heroside… and Corrupter, Dominator, Stalker, Brute, Widow and Soldier on the Villain side. Hmmmmmm.

I haven’t been playing ANY other MMOs right now. All my other time is taken up with FC stuff. No time for extra MMOs or Second Life.

Well… was that short? I guess it was. Don’t know if I will post here next Friday as I will be in the midst of Further Confusion 2009. If you, dear reader, are there, perhaps I’ll see you. If not, have a great time this weekend and next. I’ll be back. (I might also post con-reports here… we’ll see.)