Busy Lion…

Okay, gotta keep this short as I am stealing a few moments from work to make this post. Work is busy. Work is good. I like work. It’s better than not having work. *grin* Mhari and I have been mixes of bad and good. I was sick over the weekend and into the first part of the week. So was Mhari. I think we are both on the mend with period of backsliding into ill. But on the better side of it all. I am about 99% recovered from Further Confusion. Mhari’s starting into her post-con work of things related to sponsors and patrons. My work is ‘done’ until late this month when I need to write up things for applying for Dealer Den space for publishing on the website in March. Gotta learn some stuff about the new hotel before I can write some of that.

On the MMO front we have moved our Villain nights to Wednesday and that worked out fairly well. The only real blip in it is that Pack Handler is having issues with his video card’s drivers crashing his Windows Vista box while playing the game. It happened 3 times during the night. These crashes are bad enough to need reboots so it’s real, real frustrating for him. I might get a chance to look at his system and troubleshoot it this weekend if our game is at his place. (Update: Nope, no game this week… maybe in 2 weeks… next week is DunDraCon!)

Otherwise the City of Heroes stuff is going good. Low drama, good xp, good team. We do more, tonight, with a Dark-Star gathering on Guardian for some heroes teaming. It will be Flying Fox’s team we might do a taskforce somewhere if we get enough players for it. Maybe back in time in rome, or out on the shadow shard. We’ll see what happens.

Reading-wise I am still working on Scourge of God by S.M.Stirling. Likely I won’t finish it until next week, so no new review until then. It’s being a Good Read(tm) but not quite exactly what I seem to be in the mood to read, so it’s not going as fast as a S.M.Stirling book normally goes for me.

That’s all for me now. This entry has taken little tidbits of time between work, when I have been waiting for computers to do their thing in ‘hurry up and wait’ mode… so it’s taken almost all day to write. Now to get a moment to upload it to my journal…

Thanks for reading… tune back in next week when Rocky says: "But Bullwinkle, that trick never works…"

Oh, and a ‘shout out’ to playink: Sis, I have been thinking about you of late. And I’m worried a little about Rose as I haven’t heard from her since before her birthday and mine.

And to brainbelly: Thanks for the call last month. It is always good to hear from you, bro!


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