Book Review: ‘The Accidental Demon Slayer’ by Angie Fox

The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

This is the first book in a new series. It’s ‘paranormal romance’ of a sort. It’s really closer to ‘Urban Fantasy’ with some Paranormal Romance on the side. The main character is a single woman that is just preparing to go to her 30th birthday party when suddenly her grandmother arrives riding a Harley motorcycle and a demon pops into her bathroom. And that’s just the start. Lizzie brown is a pre-school teacher and mostly likes her life right the way it is, but it would appear she has a legacy to live up to and her grandmother, who apparently knows all about it, isn’t giving her all the dirt on it. But she drags her away from her life and embroils her into the world of road-kill witches (they brew potions and spells up using road kill and the like) and demons.

The writing here is good, and the main character feels quite real as she tries to deal with all this stuff she doesn’t understand and, quite simply, doesn’t WANT to understand. She just wants her life back. But instead she is destined to go to hell and defeat a demon. Of course, the demon in question has other ideas and is more interested in her soul. Of course, this being a paranormal romance, there’s a guy involved too. One that gets Lizzie’s heart beating quite fast, though she, naturally, doesn’t want to admit it. Things are just happening too fast for her.

However, while I did enjoy the ‘ride’ that this book took me on, I don’t think I will be getting the sequels. Simply enough, I was turned off by the ‘road kill witchcraft’ and the biker gang of senior citizens. But if you like kooky, off beat settings and thoughts thrown your way with your paranormal romance, by all means pick it up and its sequel, The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, coming out in April 2009.