First of all, let me point folks to Saturday Morning Watchmen (Click on ‘Watch this Movie’ – It’s safe for work, for the most part).

Now, that being said, I am going to TRY to go see ‘Watchmen’ this weekend. I would have gone at Midnight this morning, but I really needed the 6 hours of sleep I got last night more than I needed to see the movie.

Mhari and I are doing okay. Dealing with a broken washing machine and more work than I can shake a stick at. The broken washing machine means I will need to clean a better path from the garage door to the place where it is, so that it can be removed and a new one put in… and I am going to have to shop for a new one. *sigh* But at least it will give me a chance to do some consumerism for our country. Spending money on durable goods, you know.

MMOness has been okay, too. Playing the regular game Mon, Wed and Fri nights. Now it is three different teams, if run by mainly the same players. It’s Flying Fox’s Team on Monday nights (in the low-middle 40’s), the Wolf Pack on the villain side on Wednesdays (high 20’s) and Thrilling Adventures (low 40’s) on Fridays.

Wednesday we tried out the first of the Villain side task forces, called a Strike Force on the red side. I forget the name of the thing, but it caps at level 20 so none of us are earning XP at present, which might give some of the irregulars a chance to catch up some, as they missed getting in on the Strike Force. We’ll likely finish this on on Wed next week and move on to the next one which caps at 25.

Still doing the thing covered by that NDA. So still can’t talk about it.

I’ve still got two book reviews to do. I -might- get the one on ‘The Trouble with Aliens’ done before too long. But I am in the midst of reading ‘The Eternity Artifact’ so I could finish that before I get to writing the review for ‘Undone’. We’ll see.

Not a lot else to report about or comment on. I wish the durn economy would turn around. I am getting sick of not wanting to turn on the news because all they can talk about is how bad it is…

I’m getting back to work. Thanks for reading.