What to say….

It’s been a week. And interesting one in a number of ways. Mhari and I are doing mostly okay, though health issues have us both a little worried and concerned for each other. But we are dealing with it. If we are dealing with it WELL or not, remains to be seen. I, for one, don’t think I am doing so well with it, subjectively. But looking at it objectively and my viewpoint changes. From that viewpoint I am doing okay. And since that’s the better of the viewpoints, I am going to try to live by that one.

Happy things have begun happening this week, too. I got on Facebook and happened to be able to find my Best Friend from late elementary school. (My brain wanted to say from ‘High School’, but that was deeply wrong. But it’s taken trying to piece together things from all over the place to figure out the timing right. Luckily, my friend remembers.) Roy T. was my best buddy in my youth. We were young terrors back then. But while I lost track of him when I switched to a ‘Christian School’ in my Middle High years, I never forgot him and never forgot his name.

This all started when my stepson and his wife got on Facebook and posted about it on their journals. I decided at that point to give it a try. I did so. I found that a LOT of my friends and associates were already on Facebook. Then someone sent me a friend request. It was the organizer for my high school’s graduating class 30th reunion. That got the memories rolling and I started browsing through Her friends and names popped out of my head. So I wondered, could I find those names on Facebook. Were those people I had lost touch with out there.

The first name I searched for was Roy’s. And what do you know, he popped up at the top of the matches. I looked at what I could… the picture he had sort of reminded me of the memories of my friend. So I took a chance and sent him a friend request, and included a note saying that I wasn’t sure, but could he actually be the Roy I was looking for?
Well, he accepted my request and long story short, it is HIM! My best friend from so very long ago. He was alive, he was as well as this present economy was allowing, and he seems to be as excited to rediscover me as I was to rediscover him. I’m an emotional man, so naturally this brings lots of emotions with it. I am just so DAMN glad to rediscover a friend… and we appear to be getting in touch with the others that we both knew from that time.

So, that’s MY week.
On the MMO front, the games continue. Flying Fox’s team are all in the mid 40’s now. Thrilling Adventures are pulling their selves back together, and the Wolf Pack is just about to turn level 30. And new players are coming over as friends of Tigrise start to come over from Virtue to join us on Guardian and Protector. Having a truly active Supergroup that really DOES play every week makes us a little something of a draw. We’re not a real role-playing group, but we play regularly and fairly reliably.

On to books… no new reviews, yet. Been too busy at work to really steal any time to write them with. But I really, really need to do some.

Thanks for reading!


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