Okay, it’s Friday. It’s been a week. Better week than last week. But full of work stress anyways. On the up side, one of my friends, who is also a co-worker, is now joining me for lunch and my lunch-time walking. This has really helped and I like the shared time. Our schedules don’t mesh often, but when they do, it works well.
Health-wise, this has been a mixed week. Monday was AWFUL due to being a very, very hot day when I am not used to them. I got dehydrated, and cranky as all get out, and stressed out. Tuesday was still hot, but I dealt better with it, and Wednesday the weather started to change with Thursday being downright chilly.
MMO gaming went okay (except on Monday I ‘bugged out’ of the game as I was feeling ready to ‘explode’ and it wasn’t fair to my friends). We did the usual things on the usual days.
I really don’t have a lot to say this week as I am too freaking busy with work to do much other than work during the day. So I will leave it here and write more another time.

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