Little to say

I really don’t have anything to say, today. So I will keep this real short. Mhari and I are doing fine. I am majorly looking forward to thsi 3-day weekend we are about to have. And I need a freaking dang vacation! A -real- one. Not some convention weekend, not a family trip, not something where there is a single dang OBLIGATION in it at all.

I am also sick of being team leader in our MMO games. I love playing the game. But I don’t always like having to be the one that picks the missions and drives the team. I have enough stress in my day job. I want to coast and enjoy myself in my games.

Anyways, enough of that. I am writing this while stressed out with my employment. And I need more peaceful sleep. That’s why I want this weekend so badly… it may be a convention weekend for others, but for myself it is 3 days of rest. Though I do have to take my car into the shop tomorrow for the state mandated expenditure of money called a Smog Check.

Take care all, and have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!