The Blank Line

Well, here we are. It’s June 2009. I just doing really know what to say, just like my last month worth of blog entries. Mhari and I are doing okay. I’m still employed, still suffering from work stress. Still playing City of Heroes at least 3 times a week and more like 5 times a week.

Nothing much has changed over all, from the last time I wrote here. I’m a week older, I’ve read 1 more book (Deadly Desire by Keri Arthur, the 7th book in the Riley Jensen, Guardian series) and started another (Skin Trade, the 17th Anita Blake novel by Laurell K. Hamilton). I watched episodes 5, 6 and 7 of Season 1 of True Blood, the HBO series based on the Sookie Stackhouse books (also know as The Southern Vampire Mysteries) by Charlaine Harris. And last night we watched Desden Files season 1 episode 1 & 2, based on the books by Jim Butcher.

I would say that compared to last week I am a little healthier. I have managed to avoid having ANY candy this week, and I am trying to get in more walking and eat less fried food. I’m sleeping slightly better, but not by much. I am wishing more and more and more for a vacation from work and begging the powers that be to NOT grant my wish by getting laid off.

I am in something of a rut right now. Doing the same thing, in a basic sense, every week, in the same way. And time is just moving along without much happening.

But I am alive, I have my health, I have a job, I have a lovely wife (almost 2 years!!!) and good friends and a roof over my head. So no complaining.

Anyway, before I write myself into some sort of depression, I think I will leave this week’s posting right here. I look forward to a nice, relaxing, happy weekend. And I hope all of you have the same! Thanks for reading!

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