Hi. I’m Jethric’s blog. Jethric and Mhari (Jethric’s wife of almost 2 years) did things this week, as usual. Mhari read books, played City of Heroes, exercised on the stationary bike, and watched TV. Jethric read books (fewer than Mhari did), played City of Heroes (less hours than Mhari did), exercised by doing lots of walking, watched TV (slightly fewer hours than Mhari did) and went to work each day.

Mhari and Jethric both finished watching the first season of True Blood and now are wishing they had a time machine so they could watch the 2nd season. Jethric finished reading the latest Anita Blake book, and started the latest Sookie Stackhouse book.

Jethric has reviews planned for the first three books in L.E. Modesitt, Jr’s Spellsong Cycle; Deadly Desire by Keri Arthur, the 7th Riley Jenson Guardian book; and Skin Trade, the 17th book in Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series.

Otherwise, Jethric is working hard and doesn’t seem to have time for a first person, regularly scheduled blog posting this week, he is submitting this third person one in it’s stead.
End of line.