BlahBlahBlah Ginger BlahBlah

All the usual things have happened in the usual ways in the usual order this week. There was work stress (lots of it at times) and there was pleasant times as well, usually shared in the wonderful company of my wife, Mhari.

We watched Kung-Fu Panda this week (last night, in fact). We found it good. It managed to disperse the drained mood that stress had generated. And the movie was followed up by a phone call from my good buddy Whyaylooh. Those combined to make a day much better.

The other positive thing this past week involved my sleep and dreams. I appear to have done better in sleeping through the nights without too many times waking. One of those nights I dreamed about a housecat that had come to share the bed while I slept. She slept, in my dream, on my pillow and her purring soothed me. That sense of soothing has stuck with me for the other days of the week except when the work stress has chased it away. It’s nice.

Happy Birthday RathaCat!

In the sad, but touching department, today, there is this story today on how Pixar granted a girl’s dying wish

So… there we have it. My blog entry for the week. I will end it with this nice video called ‘Civilization’, which, according to a post on Boing Boing is by an artist/director by the name of Marco Brambilla for the elevators in the Standard Hotel in NYC.

Civilization by Marco Brambilla from CRUSH on Vimeo.

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