Wonderful Occasions

Some of you may or may not have noticed that I didn’t post on Friday like I usually do. That’s because Mhari wasn’t feeling so well on Thurday due to back issues, and we went to a late night visit with Dr. James to get things corrected. Thanks to James, she’s better.

But it meant that I worked from home on Friday. And as is usually the case when I break patterns, I didn’t remember to post on Friday and once I did rememember, I really didn’t have anything to say, much like some of my other recent weeks.

Well, today I have something to say. I want to thank my wife, Mhari, for her love and care on this the occasion of our 2nd wedding anniversary. I really wanted to do something more special than our dinner out at Red Lobster (sort of our traditional ‘occasion’ dinner – about twice a year). But for one reason or another, things conspired and here we are with just the joy and happiness of being together. And that brings a big smile to my face all by itself.

I love my wife. I love her more than chocolate. I love her more than cheese. I love her more than lounging around with a full tummy in a sunbeam. I am so happy to be spending this life with her.

Life is special every day I spend with her.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Mhari Lindhaven, with all my love!

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