It’s my birthday…

I am spending today taking a ‘mostly break’ day off from both my paying job and the prep work for the upcoming Further Confusion. Not sure what I think of being the new age. But I do know that 2011 doesn’t have some of the ‘weight’ that 2000, 2001 and 2010 did.

2000 was the magic year that when I was a child we would figure out what age we would be in. Movies and documentries existed that postulated what it would be like in the year 2000. And when we got near to it, it was the evil Y2K when everything electronic was supposed to fail… and didn’t.

2001 and 2010 had ‘2001 A Space Oddessy’ and ‘2010 Oddessy Two’ that gave them a different kind of weight. And they felt ‘strange’ living in those calendar years while I was doing so for that reason. They were FICTIONAL year… they were never meant (in the emotional part and hindbrain parts of me) to be real.

2011 doesn’t have that. It feels real. And it doesn’t feel bad. And with a birthday as close to the beginning of the year, one’s feelings about the year are also one’s feelings about the birthday that goes with it.

Here’s to hoping that things are like the Blue Lanterns keep saying in DC comics… ‘All will be well.’